Monday, April 14, 2008

Enjoying Problems???!!!

Yes, I am talking about enjoying problems. You would ask me how can one enjoy the problems? Well, it depends on the situation. If the problem is not big enough to give it high priority, one should learn to enjoy it. I just experienced it yesterday. We had a marvellous day yesterday. I wanted to buy flour mill. I called up my friend Maulin and we both went to Sales India to see the flour mill at 1:00 pm of lovely afternoon (the temperature was very high around 40 C). Not having enough models to compare at Sales India, we thought we would look at some other place and will come back if we want to buy it from here. Then we thought of moving to Croma as we thought we would find many models of flour mills to compare and choose from. The parking space outside the Croma showroom was full. I saw a tree nearby, and parked my bike there. We went to Croma, but it didn't take us long as they didn't keep flour mills in their showroom. When we came back outside the showroom, the bike was gone....haha....The toing squad had taken my bike as it was parked at non-parking place. My friend started worrying where they might have taken it. But don't know why I realized that this problem wasn't worth worrying as we couldn't do anything to alter the situation. I told him to be calm, but he was angry on me as I had ignored his suggestion to park the bike in the basement. He started yelling at me, but I was laughing at the situation. I realized how we give big form to our small problems which are really not worth giving importance at all. I asked the watchman and he told me they had taken the bike to Satadhar cross roads. We hired an auto rickshaw and went to that place, just to find that the bike had not reached there yet. Maulin again started yelling at me. But I knew how to keep my cool. So, I told him to sit in auto and we went to Hometown to see flour mills. We found enough models to compare there. But, the model that we saw at Sales India was better. So, we decided to buy that one. We again hired auto and reached at the place where my bike was taken by the squad. I paid the fine there and tried to start the bike. Oh hell, its kick was jammed. It wasn't working at all. It was stuck. This might have happened by the squad when they had tried to put down my bike from their toing vehicle. Now Maulin was really really angry on me, and I was laughing inside. I drove the bike by hand and we went to the nearest mechanic. (Let me tell you, it was too hot weather, as summer has started here at its peak.) The mechanic made the kick of bike work. And we went to Sales India and ordered the flour mill.

What I learned from this incident is to not to give much importance to the situation that we couldn't alter. The problem which is not big, should not be given priority. Its only our ATTITUDE towards the problem that make the situation worse or better. I learned that how can we control our state of mind when minor problems happen in our life. I hope you all also learn to enjoy small problems of your life.