Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Had Been To Joy Ride...

After a long time, we all IT Professionals were reunited over the dinner. I was looking for something like this since last week. The work schedule last week was so hectic that I even couldn't enjoy meeting friends on weekends. But, when Bhavin called me up in the evening that they have planned a dinner tonight. I was very happy to know that, but at the same time I was in doubt whether I will be able to make it up or not. But, I had decided no matter what, I am going out with them. So, left the office without informing my Zaalim STL. Reached home, had shower and reached at Bhavin's place. We all gathered at nearer cross roads, and went to S.G. Highway. We were 9 friends, Bhavin, Dhruv P., Dhruv S., Dhara, Nikhil, Vivek, Kuldip, Bobby and me. The dinner was just an excuse for all of us to get reunited. We went to have Kathiyavadi food. We all enjoyed teasing each other during the dinner. Everyone knew each other's life so very well that we had story for every friend. After the dinner we went to the Sports Garden. I saw that garden for the first time. It was a beautiful garden with all sports amenities and a lush green lawn. We walked for sometime in the garden. The garden had all features that a Lover's Point should have. Open till late nights, no intervention of police, no lights and so on...hehe. We found a nice place to sit there. Again, we all had lots of conversation about each other's life. After sometime Hardik also came there, who was earlier busy with his office work. Hardik, Dhruv P. and I did jogging on the jogging track. Hardik and Dhruv P. also had a running race. It was too late by then, so we all decided to leave. And I came home. Came online to check emails and to write this post. Its 1:17 am now. I am tired now. So, will catch you later buddies. Good Night. And Have Fun. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy Days Are Back Again...

Its 5:39 am, and here I am striking my fingers with the keyboard. Last three days before yesterday were damn damn hectic days. Finally, we had a client call and we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Lets see, how long that light remains there. hehe. So, I was very much busy in preparing Feature List and Estimation of the NAV project. We were trying to achieve something out of nothing. But, anyways thats all we could do, as we were not supplied much details of the project by the client except the Requirement Guide. So, since last three days Divyesh, Shailendra and me were striking our head with those complex diagrams and workflows given by client. Finally, there is little hope that by today, we'll be able to make it up. Lets see.

Gotta go for now... Catch you later guyz... :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Want To Sleep In The Lap Of Rain, I Find Solace There...

Rain, I just love it. The sound of Raindrops, sometimes whispering in my ears and sometimes laughing with open heart, fills my heart with joy. It started around 10:45 pm yesterday night. It rained heavily first and then kept drizzling the whole night. In the morning it took a short commercial break. hehe. As soon as I was ready to leave for the office, clouds again started spreading its wings in the sky. On the way to the office, the Rain was at its peak. I wanted to get wet, but having no choice, I had to wear raincoat.

The day at office was just like a rainy day, cozy and lazy. Saw a peacock singing a song on the nearby bungalow's terrace. Maybe he was trying to impress the peahen. hehe. I had no specific work to do today, so continued my journey with Research on the integration of NAV with WSS. At last, I was short of two tools, without which integration was not possible. My situation was like a warrior, who had no weapons to continue the fight. So, finally I intimated Divyesh about current stage of development. He gave me good news that a meeting is supposedly going to be arranged on Monday with the prospective client of NAV.

Arpan, my colleague who sits just next to me was going to his inlaws home at Rajasthan. He wanted to buy some sweets for them, and told me if I can accompany him in choosing sweets for him. Neki Aur Puchh Puchh???...hehe. I said, of course buddy call me whenever you need a company in buying sweets. We went to the Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand's sweet shop. Tasted few pieces of sweets and namkeens, as per our PREPLANNING. haha. Ordered sweets, and came out of the shop. He had lots of things to carry on the bike, so I had to help him out in arranging things on the bike. He thanked me and left on his way, and I came home. Had my dinner and came online to check emails and post this blog. I need to start reading some stuff now, about Remoting and Threading. God knows, when this reading thing will stop following me. Sala, isse to achchha hota gadho ka doctor ban gaya hota... :P...hehe...Ciao for now...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Installation Day...

Today was the Installation Day. Today I was told to find in and out of Integration between SharePoint Web Server and Dynamics NAVision. So, I had to install VPC (Virtual PC), Win Server 2003, .NET FX 2.0, .NET FX 3.5, WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) 3.0, VS 2005(Visual Studio 2005), SQL Server 2005. So, it ate my whole day, and the result was a big "0". hehe. So, even tomorrow I will be spending before lunch time in the same.

Went to Music Class after leaving office. Was told to do reverse exercise "Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa". Couldn't play well this piece. But now feeling confident in the "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa". So, I know I will also make the reverse one within 2-3 days.

Came home, had dinner, came online to check emails and post the blog. Today my mood was to listen to the music, and the songs that I added in the Media Player are : Jane Do Na and Cheeni Kum both from Cheeni Kum, Naina Thag Lenge from Omkara, In Dino and Rishtey from Metro and Beete Lamhe from Train. Slow songs with beautiful lyrics. Want to sleep early today, have kinda backpain and little tired.

Thats all for the day. Catch you tomorrow. Till then Adios... ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One More Shock...

Kirtan is finally out of the so called exaggerated NAV Project now. I am the sole developer now working on NAV. We had predicted this shock long time back, but we were not sure that the time would come so fast. Anyways, I also hope to get some project on .NET. Actually the problem is that these guys don't know what they want to develop. They are just aiming in the dark. Today, I was told to do R & D on integration between Share Point Web Server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, what the hell they want to achieve using it, even they don't know. They are just wasting my time and energy. I should better start reading Interview Questions, so that I can part with them on the time.

Today was usual cloudy day. Clouds in the sky, but no signs of rain. I just hate this illusion. It seems that it will start raining within 10-15 minutes, and you keep waiting and waiting. Reached office, and heard a GOOD news that Kirtan will start working on the new .NET Project. He and I knew that noone bother if he will have to leave NAV, and we were true. Divyesh told him to continue on the new project until there is some news about NAV project (which I guess we won't ever get). I was told to do R & D on MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) and MSCRM (Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management). As part of the task, I took appointment with Rajesh to gain more understanding on MSCRM. In the break Mehul told me if I want to join him to the Corporate House (CH) office. He was having some work at the Corporation Bank, located just below our another branch office. I also had to collect Form 16 from CH Office, so I joined him at 1:00 pm. I thought, we would come back and will have lunch together. But, (un)luckily his bike's clutch wire broke, while we were leaving the CH office. So, we had to spent about half an hour at the garage. Hence, we were obviously running out of time, as lunch time was already over. We reached Gopal Palace (GP) Office, after his bike was OK. We rushed for the lunch in the canteen. Had our lunch, and came back. It was 2:20 by that time. I pinged Rajesh, whether I could meet him for the CRM stuff. He said yes, so went to him and took understanding of MSCRM from him. He suggested me to meet Kalrav, who was presently working on one CRM application. I met Kalrav, he seemed a very cooperative person. He gave me all the required information along with showing indepth demo of MSCRM. After returning back to my desk, I did usual R & D work on the MOSS & MSCRM. After office, came home, had my dinner, came online, checked mails, and posted today's post. I need to go offline now, as I need to practice Guitar, else my Music Master is going to scold me tomorrow. ;)

Forgot to mention the incident, I came across today. I was standing on the roadside parking waiting for Mehul to come. I saw a beggar child who was begging few steps away from me. As soon as he went away from the place he was begging, I saw a 10 Rupee note lying on the ground. And a smile came on my face. That beggar was standing just above that 10 Rupee note. It tells a lot about life. Sometimes we look for something outside, we look for it desperately, but we don't find it. I think we need to look for it within ourselves first. If its not within ourselves, then we should find it outside. Sometimes the destination is very nearer, but we can't identify it. Ok, Ok, no more boring philosophy of life. lol.

Good Night, Adios... :)

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na...

Its 12:34 am, my usual time to sleep. But don't worry, I won't sleep without writing today's post. Just had been to JTYJN. OK Movie. I was searching for the magical music of Rehman throughout the movie, but couldn't find it anywhere except some scattered pieces of background music. Don't know whether my expectation was high, or the music that he gave was low. Anyways, the Aditi song was superb along with that Pappu Can't Dance. The story was like old sandwich wrapped in a new wrapper. It had some good ideas, but they could make it more better. I would say, if someone enjoys movie in chunks, he/she can definitely enjoy it. And yes, I am the one who enjoy life in chunks, to fir movie kaunsi badi baat hai...hehe....So, I enjoyed the movie except some boring scenes. Comedy dialogues were the heart of the movie. Looking at the first half I guessed, Imran Khan as well as Genelia still needs to polish their acting. But, later on they had acted well.

Let me come to the point, how I thought of watching this movie. I had a talk with Vaishali as well as Shweta about the movie. Both of them praised the movie so much, that I was tempted to see it. Luckily, I got an offer from my colleague Kirtan who is also working with me on the same project. He was planning to see the movie with his friend. We planned that we would go for the 7:45 pm show at Wide Angle. But at the last moment, Divyesh sent us the message, that Kar Sir is coming to see the developments that we did today. We came to know that aaj ke plan ka to band baj gaya. But Kirtan told me that he will see, if he can get tickets for the 9:30 pm show at Cine Max. Fortunately, we got the tickets, and he called me to reach to the theatre around 9:15. I reached their, called him up. He told me he was having dinner with his friend. After some time, I got call from him and he told me to come at the theatre upstairs. He was waiting there with me. When I saw him from the ground floor. He waved me, with his friend (I don't know whether I should put "girl" before friend or not. Still not sure about it. hehe.) She was Shobha, she was also working in the same industry as of ours. Though she was working as QA. We talked for sometime, and went inside the hall. And now onwards, read the first paragraph.... ;)

The day at office was OK. Neither good nor bad. Kirtan and I implemented some changes suggested by Divyesh in the Demo Application that we had developed yesterday to show Mr. Kar. I could read some technical details of Remoting, which I wanted to read for a long time, but couldn't manage to read it in the past. Saw the pictures taken at the DJ Party in the office. The pictures were taken using Canon Powershot G9. Seemed a good camera, because inspite of the darkness, the photographs taken had good quality. I heard that Bhumika, one of my colleagues who joined on the same date as of mine, is given One month notice to improve her performance. This is really silly. She was given a cheque of 10K, just before two weeks for the good work. And now she is given notice. I realized now, that why she was given that cheque. Don't want to go inside the matter for now, maybe some other time.

After coming from office, I had my dinner. I couldn't go for the walk as I had to rush for the movie. Had a talk with Didi, who was feeling little low, due to the problems she had at her workplace. I think thats all for today. Nothing special happened today, except when I went to take the Soup at the office's 6th floor, the machine was showing Water Level Low....

Adios ppl. Good Night, have some Great Dreams, because Dreams give you the Direction, and Direction gives you motivation.... :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Damn Hectic Day

Finally, there is a littttttle hope that We guys (Kirtan and I) will be working on the so called Great Microsoft Dynamics NAVision. We couldn't find a clue about what to do, in the morning and luckily we got a ping from Divyesh, that Demonstration of the Testing Application is arranged today noon between 3:00 to 3:30 pm. We were feeling a sigh of relief after a long time. We waited for Mr. Kar till 4:00 pm. He had not popped up till that time. Suddenly, once again out of the blue came the message of Divyesh, we have come to GP Office. Be ready for the Demo. As I was sitting at Kirtan's place, they came there and took their place to see the Demo of the testing application that we had developed. We show them the ready application, but Mr. Kar wasn't satisfied and wanted to test our knowledge. So, he started making some diagrams in his mind and put some jumbled words on the paper, and instructed us to start working on the Brand New Demo Application. Was it a joke? Nah, it wasn't. He really meant it. Damn it, I knew that I am going to miss my Music class today. He sat with us, instructing us to develop this and that. Finally, at 8:30 pm, he was feeling confident that these guys can do something, and he told us thanks and went away. Before leaving, he had already given us the homework to do. So, as we used to do in school, we completed homework beforehand, just soon after he went away. We didn't want to take chance. I came home, had dinner. Went on the walk, came back home. Came online to check emails. Typed in the blog that you guys are reading. And now, its time to say good night. I am damn tired. I have to give rest to my eyes, which didn't rest last night.
Catch ya later...

Time Pass ;)

Its 2:34 AM, Sunday Night. But still there is no sign of sleep in my eyes. So, I thought lets update the blog, and put something useless stuff on the blog. hehe. Finally, I've learned to play "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa" on my brand new Guitar. But, as it requires a lot of practice to master the subjects, similar is the case with Guitar. It needs lots of patience before you can play like a Geek. I am ready with that patience, and one day I expect to be Geek at that subject too. (Other than technical Geek..hehe.) Photography, one of my another passion is dying day by day. The reason is maybe no source of motivation to continue photography. Well, I plan to take some professional photography course as soon as I am done with my music classes. So that I can sharpen my skills as an amateur photographer. Afterall, I am planning my after retirement life. haha.

Today was very very busy day. Being a social animal (or human), I have to keep in touch with friends and relatives. And part of that campaign, I remembered few names in my mind, and went on the journey. First went to Hitesh's home, my age old college mate. With whom I lost contact after death of my sister. Had chance to eat tasty daal bati made by aunty there. Called Sandip from Hitesh's house, Sandip is my one more collegemate who was studying with me. After 6 years he could barely remember me. But as soon as Hitesh described him my picture, he could remember my face. (Thank God. lol.) I guess I am blessed with good memory. But, sometimes its curse as well. (Life is like that. what do you say?). Okey, lets get back to the topic. From Hitesh's home, I went to Shilpa Didi's home. My cousin who is more closer to me after my sister. We three share(d) (don't know whether I should use (d) for my sister or should i remove it.) lots of memories together since childhood to now. Had a talk with Shilpa Didi for few time. And then continue the journey to Maulin's Home. Maulin my best ever friend. The one who has all the rights, from scolding me to slap me. hehe. We used to study in the same school. We met when I changed my school in 7th Standard, and went to Mirambica. I don't exactly remember how our friendship started. But, I remember it was because of Chintan (who was my classmate as well as neighbour), Maulin and I met in the school. I still remember the day when Maulin and I had a terrific fight in the school. He, being a silent student, wasn't scold. And I was told to call my parents in the school for fighting with classmate. But, who cared? Those were the days of freedom, enjoying life. Maulin and I again came more closer in 11th Standard when most of our classmates went in Commerce stream, and we both persued the Science. I share lots lots lots of memories with Maulin and his so many girlfriends. hehe. He was a real flirt during school times. I still remember, when Maulin's Mom used to catch him red handed from the flat terrace. And even I was blamed by Aunty, because I didn't inform her about his affairs. Lets back to the track, I think I am exposing more of his personal life. I know he won't ever be able to come to visit my blog, but still I should not expose him in public. hehe. So, I went to Maulin's home. Had a gala time with Aunty and Hemangini (Maulin's wife. Well, I supported for their love marriage, when they wanted to get married. And Aunty blames me sometimes for the same also. But will talk about it some other time.). When I was at his home, Bhavin called me up. He had problem installing SQL Server. Being a Full Time employee of 24 x 7 Voluntary Technical Support Team, anyone can call me for technical help. So, I had to rush to his home. While leaving Maulin's home, enjoyed drizzling of rain. When reached Bhavin's place, he told me that actually the installation problem was in his neighbour's PC. Solved that problem and went home. It was 2:00 by then. Had my lunch and took my lovely Sunday Nap. I woke up around 5:00 pm. Did practice of Guitar.

HOLD ON, HOLD ON....Its already 3:15 AM. I need to go to office tomorrow. So, will continue blogging useless stuff some other time. And you people enjoy being victim of my blog. hehe...adios, tchau, sayonara, ciao, bye for now....